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In 1947, India gained independence from the British rule that also resulted in it’s partition which led to the one of the largest cross-border migrations in human history with the newly formed Islamic Republic of Pakistan. India and Pakistan have fought three major wars and have been involved in a bitter and ongoing dispute over the illegally occupied territory of Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan by Pakistan.

In this article, we will look at the Pakistan’s political, economic and security crisis and it’s future with regard to us.

Today, Pakistan is a failed state, if things do not fall in place in next few years then it will resemble a mix of Syria, Sudan and North Korea with a “islamically radicalized” population multiple folds the collective size of the formers, Pakistan’s society is radicalized, deeply divided and undereducated even then the State leadership continues to promote an ideology of hatred and violence towards India to it’s zombified population, given the poor quality of human capital and lack of money for Infra have left it’s economy struggling to survive.

Pakistan’s political leadership (e.g. Former PM Imran Khan) advocates for the 7th century ideology of Riyasat-e-Medina which includes annihilating infidels and conquering India(Ghazwa-e-Hind) ,it doesn’t matter for them whether their population lives on one day a meal or three what they need is just shallow power whereas the actual power lies in the hands of the Military leadership. Pakistan has been under military dictatorship for around 33 years out of their 75 years of existence and it has clearly shown to the Indian leaders and people that it is a military owned state which uses political parties and overlord factions to keep the public occupied with the false belief that their voice can be heard in the decision making.

Pakistan being  an islamic barbarian state has continuously  persecuted its minority population specially Hindus, from being 14.6% of Pakistan’s total population in 1947 to just 2.1% according to the census of Pakistan in 2017. On the matter of raising their voices and giving them citizenship the Indian government has failed ceaselessly. Under the foreign pressure and street mob veto, the government seems to have chosen the path of least resistance – inaction, a limited law like CAA aiming at easing the Indian citizenship act  to accept illegal migrants who are Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Parsi, Buddhist, and Christian from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan, and who entered India before 2014, following the religious persecutions has not been notified in 4 years now, it’s not less than a pipe dream to expect that the Govt. of India will provide refuge to the persecuted Hindus of Pakistan.

Now I ask a question to the readers of this article piece, Should Pakistan break and will it’s balkanized states become more of a nuisance to India having their own new ethno-nationalistic identity along with Islam ? What will happen to it’s nuclear assets in case your answer is YES ? Surely USA and China will come to rescue in a situation like this which is unlikely to happen as a military owned state like Pakistan will always have a power center that holds a sufficient degree of decree over the state. You can share your opinion with me in the comment section of this blog or you can connect with me on twitter @SynergicCrystal or email me at as3383715@gmail.com. Coming back on the question, disintegrating a state like Pakistan in today’s era unlike 1971 comes with more risks and it cannot be done alone given the nuclear factor. These internal conflicts of Pakistan will shape new geographic and social fault lines in the identity-less Pakistan.

“Pakistani Army was training us to destroy Afghan govt. and kill Americans”, said  Samiullah Mohammadi, the person responsible for suicide attacks of Haqqani network in an Arabic news interview recently, from think tank reports to the American govt. and Senators have said and proved that Pakistani establishment played a double game in the Afghan War, destroying the plans of the Americans while taking the money and weaponry as well as killing innocent civilian Afghans.

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Adding to the Pak’s domestic problems ever since the Galwan conflict  and India-China stand off at the LAC, our military and political leadership circles have been involved in analyzing the possibility of Pakistan opening a second front in case India and China engage in action at the LAC. Diplomatically at every forum and bilateral(with other countries not India) Pakistan comes up with their same empty diplomatic gestures combined with provocations by their security establishment on their national obsession Kashmir. Pakistan tries to appear moral with their baffling nonsense claims on India thus sabotaging any odds of meaningful interactions. Pakistan can’t ramble about India without an unsubstantiated claims about muslims facing persecutions meanwhile Hindus in Pakistan shown in data too face persecution from a totalitarian ideology that seeks to convert and subjugate non-believers, so as long as this intolerance is a part of religion, the clash of culture will persist. On the internal security, Pak. has been struggling big time with TTP (Tehrik-e-taliban Pakistan) now a serious threat to the northwest region of Pakistan. Baloch rebels are escalating attacks in Pak’s largest province Balochistan on Pak army and police force. CPEC has been failing to complete projects due to security issues(Dasu Dam attack in which 10 Chinese workers were killed in ’21) and protests against Chinese nationals by ethnic-clan groups. There is also a silent tactical support to these terror groups like TTP from the Talibani Govt. in Kabul.

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A Cold interaction between Indian FM S Jaishankar and Pak FM Bilawal Bhutto at the SCO Foreign Ministers meet in Goa May 2023
A Cold interaction between Indian FM S Jaishankar and Pak FM Bilawal Bhutto at the SCO Foreign Ministers meet in Goa May 2023

By now, Pakistan must acknowledge India’s rising economic power. By 2030, Morgan Stanley forecasts India’s overall GDP to grow from current 3.5 trillion USD to nearly 8 trillion USD. Most importantly India’s per capita GDP is expected to rise from $2600 USD to $5242 USD per year while the Pakistani GDP per capita is expected to fall to $1399 USD in next few years. Pakistan must stop supporting terrorism against India that it has done extensively in the past including one of the dreadest terror attack in the world, 26/11 in Mumbai. This act is also biting themselves too and leaving this strategic stupidity (Desperation of the Bajwa Doctrine and supporting terror outfits in PoK, misadventures like Kargil) will also benefit them. Pakistan will not be able to compete with India in the future even today it lags folds behind in many parameters of economy, defence and security.

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