Shukracharya’s devotion led him to ask Lord Shiva for the power to revive the dead.

Shukracharya Devotion

Once Shukracharya, the acharya (teacher) of the Asuras, felt very sad upon seeing the defeat of his disciples, and he vowed to defeat the gods through the power of penance.

He went to Arbud mountain to perform his penance, where he entered a tunnel inside a rock and established a Shivling named ‘Shukreshwar.

Daily, he began worshipping Lord Shankar with utmost devotion, and he started doing extreme penance by abstaining from food and other worldly distractions.

After performing penance in this manner for many years, Shri Mahadevji appeared before him and expressed his satisfaction with his worship, saying, “O Dwijottam! I am pleased with your devotion. Ask for whatever boon you desire.

Shukracharya prayed with folded hands-

यदि तुष्टो महादेव विद्यां देहि महेश्वर ।
यया जीवन्ति संप्राप्ता मृत्युं संख्येऽपि जन्तवः ॥
(स्कन्दपुः, प्रभासखण्ड, अर्बुदखण्ड १५ । ८)

‘O Maheshwar Mahadev! “If you are pleased with me, then grant me the vidhya (knowledge) to revive those who died in battle come alive.”

Shukracharya requesting vidhya(knowledge) from Lord Shiva.

Lord Shankar granted Shukracharya the Sanjivani Vidya Vara(boon), which had the power to revive even the dead. He also offered Shukracharya the chance to ask for any other boons.

Lord Shankar further instructed that whoever worships the Shukrashwar with devotion on the Ashtami date of the bright fortnight of the month of Kartik would never fear a sudden death.He then departed for Kailas.

Shukracharya’s use of the Sanjivani Vidya Vara to revive innumerable dead demons created a challenge for the gods in defeating the demons.

Performing Shraddhadi rituals at Shukratirtha satisfies the forefathers. Bathing in the tirtha and worshipping Shukrashwar absolves one of all sins and eliminates the fear of sudden death.

This leads to worldly success and happiness, culminating in the attainment of Shivlok and the opportunity to enjoy with the people of Shiva.

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